Stiu aceasta melodie de cand avea vreo 22 de milioane de vizualizari ; ) Mi-a placut la nebunie. Si eu si mama mea suntem fane Adele. Totusi, reactia mamei dupa ascultarea melodiei a fost destul de neutra, spunand ca este intr-adevar frumoasa, dar nu e ceva care sa te faca sa spui “wow!” Asta m-a pus pe ganduri. De ce imi place atat de mult aceasta melodie?

Una dintre prietenele mele a spus despre ea ca este printre putinele melodii in care femeia isi cere scuze, isi recunoaste greselile si le regreta. Trebuie sa ii dau dreptate intr-o oarecare masura, dar nu cred ca asta e motivul pentru care imi place. Sa fie cantareata “de vina”? Nu cred, nu poate fi doar asta motivul. Imi plac The Black Eyed Peas de exemplu, dar nu pot sa suport cantecul lor “Imma be”, deci… Dar ceva trebuie sa ma fi determinat sa imi placa melodia.

Imi plac versurile pentru ca au substanta si au drama, fara sa devina un bilet de adio al unui sinucigas, chiar daca un vers din refren (“Hello from the other side” / “Buna de pe partea cealalta”) te poate duce cu gandul intr-acolo pentru o secunda. Imi place vocea lui Adele, pentru ca are volum si forta. Imi place fundalul muzical pentru ca nu acopera, ci ii subliniaza vocea, iar linia melodica este formata predominant din sunetele minunate ale unui pian.

Ma bucur ca o melodie de genul acesta face furori pe glob, in locul unei asa-zise “creatii muzicale moderne”, cu versuri formate din doar cateva cuvinte repetate obsesiv si cu o linie muzicala alcatuita din doua-trei efecte speciale electronice care au fost confundate cu note muzicale, iar ca sa fie tacamul complet, cantata de o fetiscana frumoasa, dar care din pacate nu poate lega doua cuvinte intr-o propozitie simpla.

Sper ca Adele sa continue sa compuna si sa cante melodii cu substanta.

I know this song since it was about 22 million views old ; ) I loved it. Both my mum and I are Adele fans. Yet, my mum’s reaction regarding the song was quite neutral, saying that it really is beautiful, but it’s not something to go mad about. This got me thinking… Why do I like this song?

One of my friends said about the track that it is one of the few songs in which the woman apologises, admits her mistakes and regrets them. I have to agree with my friend to somewhat measure, but I don’t think that’s the reason for which I enjoy the song. Could it be the singer? I don’t think so. I like The Black Eyed Peas, but I can’t stand “Imma be”. Still, something must’ve determined me to like “Hello”.

I love the lyrics because they have a message and are dramatic without turning it all into a suicide note as one of the lyrics (“Hello from the other side”) could make you think for a second. I like Adele’s voice because it has the force to reach, sustain and play with those difficult musical notes. I like the musical background because it does not cover her voice, but emphasises it and the song’s musical line is mainly composed from the wonderful sounds of a piano.

I’m glad a song like this is topping music charts all around the world instead of a so-called “modern musical creation” that has lyrics made from few words that are repeated in an obsessive manner, a musical background made out of a few bad electronic sounds that have been mistaken for notes and, to make things worse, is sung by a very beautiful girl who, unfortunately, can’t put two words together in a simple sentence.

I hope Adele continues to write and sing wonderful songs with great messages in between the lyrics.


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